Brant & Karla – Starting Fresh

“Like most families I also went through a very difficult time in my life financially. In your 30’s is not a good time to reset your life. Finding myself having to sell everything I owned, washer, dryer, fridge, stove and vehicle, I struggled with losing everything I had in order to win my custody battle for the safety of my two children. I then had to start over in my 30’s with 10 years lost I needed to regain my assets and financial stability for my family’s future. Fast. Knowing Dale for some time I knew that he had knowledge in this field. At first it was hard for me to ask someone else for advice. I always have done things on my own. Putting pride aside, Dale made me feel comfortable in sharing my embarrassing circumstances. He took his time and made sure I understood everything he was teaching me about money management and budgeting. In less than a year, he helped me turn a $33,000 debt into a sum of zero. Having that huge weight off my shoulders was a miracle. Now that I am debt free, Dale is helping me to save for my family’s future. All this knowledge he has given me has allowed me to control my money and no longer does it control me. Not having to focus on the stress of finances has given me the time to focus on my new life. I was recently married, now have four children, a dog and I have no worries about the children’s future. Dale is considered an extended part of our family helping all of us to maintain confidence and direction with our financial decisions. Dale is very personable in his approach and I think this is extremely necessary in this field. You honestly don’t want someone helping you with your vulnerabilities when all they are thinking about is their return. From my entire family we whole heartedly thank you for giving us the ability to look forward.
I started from the bottom now I’m here!“