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This is a complete list of all of my blogs in chronological order. When i write, I talk about parenting, travel, and money. I'm also boarderline rude...and sometimes beligerent. If you don't like it, Mary Poppins has a blog she'd love you to go check out. It's at Ok seriously though - I tell it how I see it, and thankfully I don't see a lot of black and white. I've been to hell and back again with my money, my kids and traveling, and while I'm not perfect, I've learned a lot and I hope that in some small way, you might find something here that is useful to you. Because if we're not on this earth to share what we have, then what the hell are we here for?

Best Thing to do Upside Down Car

The Best Thing To Do When Upside Down on Your Car When I was 19 I bought my very first car with no money down, no interest, and no payments for 30 days. I thought I was extremely grown up, but I very quickly realized that I owed more than the car was worth and […]

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Teaching your kids how to invest

The Best Way to Teach Your Kids About Investing Teaching your children about money and investing is a top priority for the fore-thinking parent. But between work and family, we barely have time to invest ourselves, let alone teaching our kids about it. Not to worry, because the best things you can teach your kids […]

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Mistakes parents make teaching kids about money

3 Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Their Kids about Money Warning: Personal opinion article on what not to teach your kids about money. Being a money guy, there is a foundational difference between what I will actively teach my children about money (they’re only 18 months right now – pretty hard to get them started investing…) […]

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