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Spouse Money Problems – 3 Simple Solutions

3 Common Financial Problems in Marriage and How to Solve Them You. Your spouse. Trust and Money. That’s what forms your marriage. Sure, money is not as important as you two but it will always be a subject of discussion. Unfortunately for 27% of Americans this conversation is likely to erupt into arguments. Working with […]

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2 Simple Steps to Becoming Debt Free

2 Simple Steps to Becoming Debt Free I saw this 14 step guide on Wikihow about how to become debt free, and I nearly threw up. First of all, 14 steps is WAY too much and way too complicated. If you want to become debt free, then you can do it a lot more easily […]

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Tips for Eating Out on a Budget: 3 Healthy Lunch Tips

Eating Out on a Budget: 3 Healthy Lunch Tips Drive-thru. One of the strongest symbols of our North American, always-on-the-go culture. Fast, convenient, pretty cheap. Pretty unhealthy too. (Yes, this is still a money blog, don’t worry.) You know you should be eating better, healthy diet, proper meals, blah,blah… but where to take time and […]

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Common misconceptions about being debt free

Common Misconceptions About Being Debt Free Being debt free is great! I wish everybody was. It’s a stage in your life where you’re going to feel completely secure. And you should definitely aspire to that. But there are some beliefs about being debt free that you should be aware of – lest you be disappointed […]

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