Melissa and Bryan – Finding Clarity. Gaining Control

“We were living the dream. We had just welcomed our second baby, we had a new house, two cars, and two professional careers. Translation: We had a second maternity leave income in two years, a mortgage, a line of credit, a car payment and two student loans. We made decent incomes, but were frustrated that there was never much extra for the things we really wanted. We thought it was just the stage of life we were in, that everybody goes through it, and that we just have to ride it out for the next five years…

Dale was the first person to help us realize- and we saw more than one “financial planner” – that we didn’t have to suffer for the next five years. There was plenty we could do right now. He helped us get clear on our values and priorities and got us to think about how we spend our money by using his budget and tracking system. He taught us that we could design our lives the way WE wanted. We got rid of what didn’t matter, and found plenty of resources for what did.

Our financial reality is now one of clarity and control. We are the first couple that we know that has reduced debt during a maternity leave and we are prioritizing things that are important to us. We are still paying for double daycare, but we are on track to seeing big improvements in the next year. That is secondary though; our favourite part is that our mindset has completely changed. Money isn’t a source of stress anymore. We feel empowered. We say no to the things that take us farther away from our goals, and yes to the things that bring us true joy in life. Thanks Dale! You rock!