Fran – Changing my Life

“I have always had a very difficult relationship with money. It is an area I have never talked about in my life as I carried both shame and embarrassment at my inability to effectively monitor and budget my personal finances.
When I first met Dale, I was extremely stressed with the financial burden I was carrying with both personal debt and student debt. No one know about this as I felt at my age (36), I should have a better handle on my finances. I was living pay check to pay check, with nothing to show for it and a debt that was not going away.
I felt this was an area of my life I would not only never have any control over but that would continue to cause me stress and grief well into my adult life.
Working with Dale, my attitude towards money completely changed. I realized that by choosing not to take control of my finances, they were taking control over me. Dale showed me that managing money isn’t about just how much you make, but rather about what you do with it and how your attitude towards money is one of the greatest influences in your financial success.
After each session, I felt more and more empowered and learned that with the right changes and adjustments, I can not only be debt free and have savings, but I can have a positive attitude towards finances. This change in attitude has had a huge influence on other aspects of my life (health, social and professional) and I finally for the first time ever am not afraid of my financial future and am excited about the positive changes Dale’s work has had on me and will continue to have on me!